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IPM strives to educate others to promote the formation of intimate consensual relationships between individual plants and humans in order to flip the botanical/human power hierarchy. We offer certification sessions, expert advice, and overall education through workshops and interactive projects. These sessions involve presentations, simulations, exams, and contracts.
IPM is founded on ten principles: affirm the plants’ right to be autonomous, strive for a positive impact, remember plants are not homosapiens, maintain continuous consent from the plant, do not project your own issues onto a plant, specialize your behavior for the temperament of the plant, fully support the plant, never abandon a plant, recognize the effect of the Anthropocene, and advocate for the overall botanical spectrum.
IPM currently has local chapters in Pittsburgh, New York, and South Korea; Get in touch if you would like to begin a new branch, become a member, or learn more. We have a Certified Member base of around 100 humans which has enabled support for over 5,000 botanical creatures. 

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